About us

Mane Releaf was born out of a desire to celebrate the unique beauty of textured hair. As an African American man, founder DeShawnte’ Campbell intimately understood the specific needs of Black hair that were going unmet by mainstream brands. He saw an opportunity to fill this gap with high-quality, sustainable hair care products specially formulated for textured hair. 

DeShawnte’s journey began in his kitchen, where he started handcrafting natural hair products using botanicals and avoiding harsh chemicals. As demand grew from friends and family, he realized he was onto something special. DeShawnte’ officially launched Mane Releaf in 2019 with the mission of honoring the versatility and glory of textured hair while promoting healthy hair and self-love.

At its core, Mane Releaf is about shifting narratives and embracing the skin you're in. The brand strives to radiate inclusivity, positivity and authentic self-expression. Mane Releaf celebrates the unique beauty, vibrancy and versatility of textured hair. The products nourish, hydrate and accentuate gorgeous coils, curls, waves and kinks. 

Beyond just products, Mane Releaf represents a movement promoting confidence from within and pride in one's natural self. The brand believes true beauty comes from accepting, loving and caring for the hair you were born with. As Mane Releaf says, "Our hair tells a story. Let it be one of triumph."